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facilitating smooth management of HR functionalities…

Tokyo System Consulting (TSC) has gained excellence in providing user-friendly HRM software. The software has been among our top services making us a leading software service provider in India. HRM Software developed by TSC loads off the burden of HR by managing most of its activities itself. It does an excellent job in managing employee’s daily activities like attendance records, leave records, appraisal records, grievances management, legal compliances, payroll, and employee exit management.

The cloud-based software lets the employer keeps track of every single exercise of HR division. It comes with 100% customization offering the highest level of employee satisfaction.

ERP and HRM Software Solutions We Offer

  • Manages personal information of employees
  • Keeps track of attendance records
  • Comes with biometric integration
  • Assists in payroll management
  • Does legal compliances management
  • Highly customized and user-friendly solutions
  • Manages leaves properly
  • Employee training management
  • Manages employee performance

Human Resource Division is the most important part of any organization. From selecting the right candidate for the company to managing the resources well, everything comes under the HR department. The HRM software solutions facilitate smooth management of HR functionalities of the organization. It brings flexibilities in creating the salary structures, offers great help during employee appraisal calculation, and does many others roles that the HR has to do alone. In short, it will cut down the time the HR spends in calculating leaves, attendance, making salary slips etc.

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